Add Value to Your Home With a Deck

Many homeowners desire a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Unlike an addition or a home remodel, adding a deck provides a less costly way to accomplish this goal.

A well-designed deck can become an al fresco family room or an area for entertaining guests. Read on to discover some reasons why decks are a popular addition to homes today. Contact Decks Charleston SC now!

A deck is a great way to add value to your home. Not only does it offer a place for entertaining, but it also allows you to enjoy the outdoors year-round. You can use the space for grilling, relaxing, or simply enjoying the scenery. The best part is that you can customize your deck to fit your specific needs and style. This makes it a unique feature that is sure to impress potential buyers.

Many people don’t think about the resale value of home improvements, but the reality is that they can have a significant impact on your property’s resale price. In fact, a deck is one of the top projects that return more than 76% of their cost at resale. This is a higher return than even kitchen remodeling or a bathroom remodel. So, if you’re looking for a low-cost way to increase your home’s value, a deck may be the perfect solution.

As an added benefit, you can build a deck in almost any terrain. The wood is naturally water-resistant and will hold up to the elements. It can even be used in sandy soil or on a slope as long as the structure is properly supported underneath. If you want to really boost your home’s value, consider a multi-level deck. This gives you an elevated outdoor living space that will make your home stand out amongst the competition.

Another benefit of a deck is that it allows you to add a variety of other features to make your space truly unique. You can turn your deck into a dining area with built-in seating or a bar and create the perfect space for entertaining. You can even set up a fire pit or install a hot tub to give your guests the ultimate experience. No matter how you choose to design your deck, it will provide a beautiful and relaxing space that is sure to enhance your home’s value.

Lastly, a deck can also be built using sustainable materials, which will appeal to eco-friendly buyers. Many of the tropical hardwoods used in deck construction come from endangered rainforests, so choosing an environmentally-friendly material is a good way to save the environment and add value to your home.

They Add Comfort

A deck offers a comfortable spot to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. It’s also a great place to host a barbecue or a cocktail party. You can even add a fire pit or water feature to enhance the ambience of your deck. A deck can make your backyard feel like a getaway and can be a perfect place for spending your summer.

Adding a deck to your home can significantly increase its resale value. However, it’s important to choose a style that complements the surrounding architecture and neighborhood. You should also be careful not to build too large a deck since this may deter potential buyers. Ideally, your deck should be about the same size as the average outdoor space in your neighborhood.

In addition, a deck should be built from a weather-resistant material. It’s also important to have a proper foundation under the deck. This can be achieved with a concrete slab or a wood prefabricated footing system. In any case, it is best to hire a professional to ensure that your deck is constructed correctly.

The benefits of a deck go beyond adding resale value to your property. It can also boost your overall well-being and improve your mental health. According to a recent study, people who spend time outdoors feel less stressed and happier than those who don’t. In fact, it’s estimated that a deck can recoup up to 72 percent of its initial cost at resale.

Another reason why a deck is a good investment is that it doesn’t require any stairs to access, which makes it easier for families with children or the elderly to use. Additionally, it can help reduce the risk of falls, which is a significant concern for anyone with mobility issues. Furthermore, a deck is an ideal space for observing the stars at night since it’s closer to ground level than indoor spaces. The low height also helps you feel more connected to nature.

They Increase the Value of Your Home

A deck is a great addition to your home that will add value, as well as increase the enjoyment of your home. A deck can be used for many purposes, from relaxing in a hammock or enjoying a barbecue with friends to entertaining family and guests. It can also be used as an outdoor exercise space or a place to meditate and relax. If you are looking to sell your house, having a deck can also help you get a higher return on your investment.

According to a study by the National Association of Realtors Research Group, millennials are more likely to want a deck on their new home than any other generation. In fact, a deck is more appealing to millennials than even a pool or a patio. This is because a deck can be utilized by people of all ages and can increase the overall resale value of a property.

Aside from being an excellent addition to your home, a deck can be very easy to maintain. Unlike an enclosed area like a greenhouse or a sunroom, which require extensive maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis, a deck is usually open to the elements and only requires sweeping and washing with water. In addition, you can use a waterproof stain that will last for years, making decks a low-maintenance option for homeowners.

Another benefit of adding a deck is that it can be used all year round, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space in different weather conditions. For example, during the winter, you can enjoy your deck by building a fire in your fire pit and sipping hot chocolate with your loved ones.

While you can build a deck yourself, it is important to hire a professional to ensure the project is done correctly. This will prevent any problems down the line and ensure that you are happy with your finished product. Moreover, a professional can advise you on the best material and structure for your deck.

Lastly, it is important to note that adding a deck can increase your property taxes, depending on the location and type of deck you have. However, this should not deter you from getting a deck installed since it can still be a good investment for your home.

They Add Space for Entertaining

Whether you’re hosting friends for dinner or throwing a birthday party, a deck allows you to entertain in style. You can add lounge seating, a dining area, and even a grill or outdoor kitchen to create a space that is perfect for entertaining. Decks are also an ideal place to relax and hang out, and spending time outside has been shown to reduce stress levels.

A deck can also add privacy to your backyard, allowing you to enjoy the view without worrying about nosy neighbors or passersby. You can even decorate the deck with hanging plants and bird feeders to make it feel like an oasis. This is a great feature to have if you live in a densely populated area where privacy is limited.

If you want to make your deck a true retreat, consider adding a hot tub or spa, which can be a relaxing experience year-round. You can also add a water feature, such as a waterfall or fire pit, to transform the space into a cozy getaway.

You can also use a deck to get closer to nature, by adding benches that face your garden or overlook a hidden vista. You can also add a pergola to provide shade and privacy, while still letting you enjoy the scenery.

A deck can also serve as a space for learning. The Deck of Spaces was designed to support conversations about the design of learning spaces that are aligned with the established framework of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). It is a useful tool to help educators, designers, and facilities personnel speak the same language when discussing how spaces can be better used to support student achievement.

Natalie Wood – The Mystery Revealed

When Natalie Wood was found dead on November 29, 1981, her fans demanded answers. They wanted to know what happened on the night of her disappearance from the yacht she shared with husband Robert Wagner and co-star Christopher Walken during filming of Brainstorm. To learn more about Natalie Wood Death keep reading the article below.

Natalie Wood

In 2011, detectives reopened the case after Dennis Davern, the yacht’s captain, published a book claiming that, before Wood disappeared, he heard them arguing.

The actress Natalie Wood was a beloved star who appeared in some of the most enduring films of her era. She started out as a child actor, transitioning into teen and young adult roles as she grew older. By the time she was 43, she had carved out a successful career in Hollywood. Whether she was playing a spunky teenager in Rebel Without a Cause or a neurotic actress in The Searchers, audiences loved her for the character’s flaws as well as their strengths.

Yet despite her popularity on screen, she was not necessarily happy off of it. In real life, Wood was a woman plagued by demons she tried to hide behind her big-screen persona. The dark-haired, doe-eyed actress suffered from a host of mental and physical ailments.

One of the biggest was a phobia of water, which she had developed at a very young age. She would often refuse to have her hair washed and had recurring nightmares about drowning. It wasn’t until she was a teenager, when she was forced to jump off the back of a boat for a role in The Star, that her fear became a reality.

The actress died in November of 1981 in a mysterious drowning off of the coast of Southern California’s Catalina Island. The case was never resolved, and even now it’s not clear what really happened that night. In 2020, Wood’s daughter from her second husband released an HBO documentary that casts doubt on the official account of events leading up to her death.

Now, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s detective has reopened the investigation into Wood’s death. And author Suzanne Finstad has rereleased her book on the matter with new details.

Finstad claims that the evidence she presents makes it “increasingly likely” that Wood was murdered by her ex-husband Robert Wagner. The book includes what she believes is critical physical evidence that establishes homicide as the likeliest outcome.

Her Cause of Death

In November of 1981, Natalie Wood drowned off the coast of California’s Catalina Island. The famous actress, who had starred in classic films such as West Side Story and Rebel Without a Cause, was just 43 years old when she died. At the time, her death was ruled an accident. However, over the years many questions have been raised about the circumstances of her death.

The first question is how Wood got overboard from the yacht she was sailing on. Her death certificate initially stated that she fell overboard accidentally, but this was changed to “drowning and other undetermined factors” in 2013. In addition, bruises found on her body have led some to suspect that she may have been assaulted before she fell into the water.

Another question is why it took so long for the authorities to discover her body. After all, they had a good idea of where she was. The yacht was anchored near Doug’s Harbor Reef, a popular seafood restaurant on the island. The night manager of the restaurant said he was worried that all four people aboard the yacht would be too drunk to make it back to the boat in their dinghy after dinner. He therefore asked the harbor patrol to watch over the group.

Yet, for some reason, it took them a full two days to find the actress’s body. This is especially strange since her body was only about a mile away from the yacht. There are several theories as to why it took so long to find her body, but none of them are very convincing.

One theory is that the tide turned while she was in the dinghy, and it swept her overboard. The police have not officially endorsed this theory.

In addition to being a mystery, Wood’s death is also a tragedy because of the way her life ended. She was a beautiful and talented actress who had just reached the pinnacle of her career. She was nominated for three Oscars, and her work on movies like West Side Story, Rebel Without a Cause, and Splendor in the Grass had made her one of the most famous stars of her generation.


In life, Natalie Wood was one of Hollywood’s most alluring actresses. She was nominated for three Academy Awards and appeared in classics such as Miracle on 34th Street, Rebel Without a Cause, and West Side Story. But even in death, questions surround the actress’s mysterious drowning.

On November 28, 1981, she went missing while sailing with Wagner and Walken aboard their yacht Splendour off the coast of Catalina Island. Her body was found the next day, floating in the ocean, with her dinghy lying nearby washed up on the rocks.

A coroner ruled her death an accident—the result of drowning and “other undetermined factors.” But the fresh bruises on her arms, legs, and neck and scratches on her neck and head raised suspicions that she might have been assaulted before she went overboard. But nothing ever added up to point to an attacker. Even though Wagner and Walken gave different accounts of what happened that night, and witnesses contradicted them, no charges were filed.

As time went on, the doubts about what really happened to Wood continued to grow. In 2011, 30 years after her death, Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials reopened the case and changed the cause of her death to suspicious. Detectives have heard new, seemingly credible information and are interviewing witnesses who weren’t part of the original investigation.

But despite the renewed probe, it is still unclear whether anything will change. The sheriff’s department says it hasn’t received any big break in the case, and Wagner, now 91, is refusing to talk with investigators.

Many people, including the actress’s younger sister Lana, believe her brother-in-law is hiding something. She has said that she doesn’t think the original investigation was thorough and she suspects that Wagner knew what happened to her. But he has denied that claim. The reopening of the investigation comes at a time when there’s a renewed fascination in old Hollywood mysteries. It seems likely that the case will linger on for some time to come.

Renewed Investigation

The case has ebbed and flowed like the tides over four decades since Natalie Wood’s death was officially ruled a drowning accident in November 1981. But a new podcast, featuring an investigative reporter who has long held the view that she didn’t die of natural causes, offers fresh evidence.

The new podcast series, entitled The Natalie Wood Files, is a 12-part audio documentary from the American Media Inc. Celebrity Group’s Dylan Howard, who oversees publications such as Us Weekly and OK! It debuts on Friday, the day after what would have been Wood’s 80th birthday.

It opens with a brief history of the actress’s life. Then, it focuses on the events of Nov. 29, 1981, when the Oscar-nominated actress went to her demise on a yacht with husband Robert Wagner and their co-star Christopher Walken while boating off Catalina Island.

Interviews with the Los Angeles County coroner and investigators who worked on the case in 1981, as well as interviews with the star’s sister, Lana, paint a picture of a troubled time for the actress. A new LA County report released Monday questions the original findings that led to the conclusion that the star died accidentally, citing fresh bruises and scrapes found on her body.

In 2011, the investigation was reopened and Wagner, who is now 89, was named as a person of interest. He has denied involvement, but detectives say they want to speak with him.

On NBC’s “Today” show on Friday, Davern, the skipper of the Splendour, made a bid to change the official story of what happened the night of Wood’s death. He cited an unnamed source who says he heard that the couple had fought, and urged sheriff’s homicide investigators to reopen the case.

But the host of NBC’s morning show, David Gregory, pushed back on the theory that the fight may have contributed to the actress’s death. He also questioned the veracity of Davern’s claims that he was told by Wagner that he wanted her dead, which he denies.